Saturday, November 23, 2013

Indie puzzle games and the charts

In my review of Strata I mentioned how the game was strangely listed in the TouchArcade weekly list of new releases, even if it had been released a few weeks before.

This was a wonderful occasion to check how much media coverage influences the downloads of indie puzzle games, so I've been keeping an eye on how it was doing in the charts.

The results speak for themselves. Here is a graph taken from App Annie (click to enlarge):
Of course I'm joking :-) This humble blog had no effect on the chart position; but TouchArcade probably had, unless something else happened at the same time.

Strand had been sailing below position #750 in the Games/Puzzle chart, then it jumped to the top 20 in a couple of days.

This was well deserved since it is a very good game, as I said in my review. It's good to see that a small indie game can still reach the top positions of the charts, however the other side of the medal is that despite being a good game, it was below #750 beforehand.

This seems to prove that discoverability is poor on the App Store, and it's difficult to be noticed without coverage from major news sites.

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