Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Look: Perfect Tiling

After publishing the review of Perfect Tiling a few days ago and making some criticism on the apparent inability to solve its puzzles through logic, I realized that one of the puzzle modes is, on the contrary, perfectly suited to logic deductions.
I solved a few dozens puzzles in that mode and I couldn't stop playing.
Interestingly, despite the puzzles being randomly generated, they all had a unique solution, and the solving process was varied and fun. The difficulty seemed to be more or less the same for all the puzzles, until I stumbled onto this one:
Here it was easy to start by putting a red tile in the bottom right corner, but soon enough things got trickier and there didn't seem to be an obvious way to move forward through logic. Eventually, however, I figured it out, and completed the puzzle using only rigorous deductions. It was challenging and enjoyable—exactly what these puzzles should be.

Therefore, I updated the review to reflect my new discovery: just one of the ten available modes is enough to consider Perfect Tiling very good, and highly recommended.

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