Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: RIPPLE: A Game About Chain Reaction for iPhone and iPad

RIPPLE: A Game About Chain Reaction is a short game with a long title. What's there, however, is enjoyable, though not particularly challenging.

The concept is simple. Tap anywhere on the screen to start a ripple. Careful: you need to tap in any empty place of the screen. I hadn't understood that at first, and kept tapping the grey dots, which caused nothing to happen.

The ripple you create expands until it touches a dot. When that happens, a new ripple starts, forming a chain reaction, while the previous ripple becomes ineffective and won't create any more ripples. So there is only one "active" ripple at any one time.

Eventually, all dots will be touched by a ripple and the level ends. To win the level, the black dot must be the last one touched.

What makes the puzzles difficult is that the dots move, in fixed patterns. So you must choose the position and the timing of the first ripple carefully in order to make the chain reaction evolve in a suitable order.

The game currently has 16 levels, which can be solved in just a few minutes. It promises to deliver more in a future update, though.

What I found in the more difficult puzzle is that the most effective strategy to win is simply to pick a suitable starting point and randomly attempt different timings, until it works.

So this isn't really a puzzle game that requires much logic, but it is fun and relaxing for a short diversion.


Logical Reasoning★☆☆☆☆
User Interface★★☆☆☆
Loading Time★★★★★
Saves Partial Progress
Status Bar

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