Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Bogul for iPhone and iPad

Bogul by Richard Hughes is an edge-matching puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. As such, it isn't anything groundbreaking, but it caught my eye due to the colorful interface.
The author vaguely talks about discovering this puzzle in a book from 1979. I tried googling around but couldn't find anything similar so I'm left with the curiosity of who invented it.
The tiles are square, and colored with 6 different colors.
The game has 12 levels, but every pair is actually the same puzzle in two versions, an easy one where the tiles cannot be rotated, and a hard one where you can rotate the tiles by tapping them.
Each of the 6 puzzles uses a predetermined set of tiles, the size range from 2x2...
... up to 4x4
The author doesn't say anything about the number of solutions, so I quickly wrote a program to check. The 2x2 puzzle has two distinct solutions, the 4x4 one has more than 10,000. Hardly nontrivial, but fun anyway.


Logical Reasoning★★☆☆☆
User Interface★★★☆☆
Loading Time★★★★★
Saves Partial Progress
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