Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Cubo di Coppo for iPhone and iPad

Cubo di Coppo is Italian for "Coppo's Cube"; Eugenio Coppo being the name of the Italian architect who invented it (as an aside, I like his sculptures too).

The game resembles Sudoku, but is played on three faces of a cube.
The rules are a bit more complicated than Sudoku, and are difficult to explain briefly with words, so let me use the game's built-in instructions (click the images to enlarge them):
The iPhone's screen is a bit too small to play the game comfortably, and it's difficult to tap the cell you want to select. This could probably be improved with the addition of zoom support. In the meantime, an iPad is recommended.

Due to the higher number of cells and values, these puzzles are harder to solve than Sudoku; not necessarily because they require more complex reasoning, but simply because it is more difficult to visually scan the playing area. I found them tiring more than enjoyable; but bear in mind that I can't stand Sudoku anymore, so I'm a bit negatively biased..

If you still like Sudoku, you might enjoy this game. If you want to give the puzzles a try before buying it, there are a few printable samples on the official site.


Logical Reasoning★★★★★
User Interface★★★☆☆
Loading Time★★★★★
Saves Partial Progress
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