Monday, June 2, 2014

Update: Qvoid 1.8

What a nice surprise! The best cube rolling puzzle game on the App Store, Qvoid, has just been updated, adding 20 new puzzles.

The new puzzles are elegantly small and challenging, as usual for this game. Here is the first one.
My first attempt? 63 steps. Second attempt? 59 steps. The creator's? 13 steps. Classic.

Having new puzzles would be enough to rejoice, but this update does more: it also adds a new cell type!
You need to enter these new cells following the direction of the arrow. You can then leave the cell in any direction. This allows to make some nice compact puzzles like this one, which took me a while to solve (also because I had forgotten what the white cells do...)
It's great to see this beautiful game still updated from time to time, years after its initial release. I can only expect that more updates will come out in the future, further extending the use of the new cell type.

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